My Nana’s “Traditional” Hot Sauce & “Restaurant Style” Salsa Fresca

100_2226For several years, our customers have asked us for My Nana’s Hot Sauce and Salsa Fresca to compliment the Best Tasting Tortilla Chips.  My Nana’s Best Tasting “Traditional” Hot Sauce is an authentic blend of Mexican spices, tomato sauces, and pastes, traditionally used as a dipping sauce or taco sauce.  My Nana’s Best Tasting “Restaurant Style” Salsa Fresca is a chunky like texture, also made with our authentic Mexican spices to give it an authentic flavor, like Restaurants.  Available in the fresh deli section at Fry’s, Bashas and Wal-mart.

Specialty Products

Wrap Party TrayLa Canasta is proud to offer a line of unique Specialty Products.

La Canasta has developed several different types and flavors of flour tortillas to accommodate the needs of our customers. Tortillas included in our Specialty category are made with distinctive, original blends of herbs, spices, flavorings and chiles, and come in a variety of sizes.

Create your own specialty menu items using La Canasta Specialty Products!

Private Label

La Canasta is proud to offer Private Label Products. These products can be formulated to a company’s specifications.

Tortilla Chip Cost Savings

4cutMost uncooked raw tortilla chips come in two types of cuts, 4-cut and 6-cut.
Tortilla chips
La Canasta makes 4-cut tortilla chips, which offer four distinct benefits compared to 6-cut tortilla chips:

  • Volume and presence in the chip basket and less chips per serving
  • Less breakage
  • Made low in moisture, creating lower oil absorption
  • Authentic whole kernel corn flavor

All of these benefits lead to cost savings, satisfied customers and repeat sales.

How We Make Our Heat Pressed Flour Tortillas

La Canasta Press Tortillas are thicker to withstand heavy fillings. Press tortillas are seared on the exterior surface during the cooking process, which captures and seals the moisture inside the tortilla, creating a soft, thick flour tortilla. This process also makes La Canasta Press Tortillas fluffy and durable. Because of the high moisture content, these tortillas are not recommended for frying.

How We Make Our Hand Stretched Flour Tortillas

La Canasta Hand Stretched Flour Tortillas are made with the same original homemade recipe we developed in 1962. Our Hand Stretched Tortillas have a pliable texture, giving them ideal flexibility for easy handling and less breakage. These pastry like tortillas have bake marks throughout the surface, enhancing the homemade flavor. We guarantee a consistent quality product so that you can make delicious dishes time and time again.

Our Achievements

Proud to be a Leading Woman/Minority Business Enterprise

La Canasta takes pride in being one of Arizona’s most outstanding woman/minority-owned businesses. We have received recognition for our accomplishments in this area, including being named one of Kroger’s Outstanding M/WBE Suppliers. The main criteria for this award include volume of sales, quality of products and innovation. You can read more about the program at Kroger’s website. La Canasta has also met the requirements for certification as a Minority Business Enterprise by the National Minority Supplier Development Council..

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How We Make Our Corn Tortillas

cornLa Canasta Corn Tortillas are still made from meaty whole kernel corn, cooked from scratch and steeped for several hours to absorb the rich corn flavor. We grind the kernels using old fashioned grinding stones. Each stone is hand carved for the perfect grind and consistency, allowing us to create every type of La Canasta corn tortilla to meet our exacting standards. Our tortillas are made in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate your specific uses.

My Nana’s Salsa Fresca

salsa-fresca My Nana’s Best Tasting “Restaurant Style” Salsa Fresca is a chunky like texture,
also made with authentic Mexican spices to give it an Authentic Flavor, like restaurants!