My Nana's "Best Tasting" Retail Products

“NEW” My Nana’s Creamy Jalapeño Dip, Topping or Spread

100_2239My Nana’s Newest addition… “Creamy Jalapeño” Dip, Topping or Spread.  It’s delicious Hot or Cold as a dip, topping or spread for a unique spicy Burrito, Steak, Pork and Chicken dishes.  You will Love it!!!  Now Available at Fry’s and Wal-mart.

“NEW” My Nana’s Duritos

100_2244Duritos are a delicious, light and crispy wheat flour snack that became popular by street vendors in the U.S. and Mexico.  The traditional way to enjoy My Nana’s Duritos is with lemon or lime juice, topped off with My Nana’s Picante Hot Sauce.  Try them also with My Nana’s Creamy Jalapeño Dip!  They are…Mmm Delicioso!!  Available in Fry’s Bakery Department.

My Nana’s “Bakery Fresh” Tortillas

100_2250My Nana’s “Best Tasting” has launched a full line of “Bakery Fresh” Corn & Flour Tortillas.  Our flour tortilla Sizes range from a small fajita, soft taco, burrito or a Burrito Grande size for the hearty appetite.  Also use our Taco & Enchilada Corn Tortillas for your favorite dishes.  Available in the Bakery Department of Fry’s & Fry’s Marketplace.

My Nana’s Tortilla Chips

100_2224My Nana’s Best Tasting Tortilla Chips are made from whole kernel white corn that is stone ground and made into La Canasta’s Best Tasting corn  tortillas. These are the same tortilla chips that are proudly served in many of Arizona’s restaurants.

Available in 12OZ or 2 LB bags.

My Nana’s Uncooked Tortillas

100_2260In Spanish “Nana” means Grandmother. My Nana’s™ is a meaningful name for these Flour Tortillas – we continue to use the same recipe that our family has enjoyed for more than 50 years.

As children, it was a tradition to go to our Nana’s house for our family gatherings. We have memories of Nana kneading her dough to make tortillas for the family. Cook My Nana’s™ Flour Tortillas in your kitchen and the fresh cooked aroma and authentic homemade taste will start a new tradition in your home.

Learn how to prepare My Nana’s™ Uncooked Flour Tortillas by watching our instructional video here.

My Nana’s “Traditional” Hot Sauce & “Restaurant Style” Salsa Fresca

100_2226For several years, our customers have asked us for My Nana’s Hot Sauce and Salsa Fresca to compliment the Best Tasting Tortilla Chips.  My Nana’s Best Tasting “Traditional” Hot Sauce is an authentic blend of Mexican spices, tomato sauces, and pastes, traditionally used as a dipping sauce or taco sauce.  My Nana’s Best Tasting “Restaurant Style” Salsa Fresca is a chunky like texture, also made with our authentic Mexican spices to give it an authentic flavor, like Restaurants.  Available in the fresh deli section at Fry’s, Bashas and Wal-mart.