La Canasta History

La Canasta was founded by Richard and Carmen Abril in 1962. The business started in Phoenix, Arizona by supplying the Hispanic community with fresh, handmade flour and corn tortillas. Word of mouth spread the news about La Canasta having the Best Tasting Homemade Tortillas in town! Eventually Mexican food restaurant owners began coming to pick up tortillas for their businesses. The demand grew so much that we decided to add a delivery service to the restaurant establishments. As the food service industry grew in Arizona, so did La Canasta tortilla production.

Today, La Canasta is Certified Minority & Woman owned by the second generation of family members. We have over 130 employees operating our production facility around the clock, producing over 2.5 million tortillas daily for local and national accounts. Our Phoenix production facility is one of the most modern in the tortilla industry.

Our Foodservice products meet the needs of Traditional and Non-Traditional Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals and Resorts because of our vast variety of products.

We pride ourselves in making tortillas with the finest and highest quality raw materials.  Every Authentic menu item begins with La Canasta and My Nana’s Brand Tortillas. We offer a wide variety of Specialty tortilla products for the end user. Our tortillas have, “Less Waste & More Taste!”We are one of the very few companies that still offer “Hand Stretched” Flour Tortillas ranging in size from 10” to 14” in diameter. We also offer Heat Pressed flour tortillas in sizes ranging from 6’ to 13.5’ Diameter.  Our Corn Tortillas are made from Whole Kernel Stone ground corn in sizes and weights that are accommodating to most menu items. We offer corn Flour tortillas to meet the needs of the chefs that are looking for a unique texture and softness. We are proud of these accomplishments and will continue to strive to always be better than expected! La Canasta is still family owned and operated by the second generation of the Abril family. Sisters Josie Ippolito, President, and Linda Rios, Vice President, assist in the day to day operations.

Our Vision. . .

La Canasta will continue serving our tortillas of the highest quality in traditional applications.  We will be innovative in developing new products to serve the non – traditional markets, thus creating the demand where never seen or imagined before.      

As always, we continue to focus our attention in providing old fashioned customer service and authentic product quality which has made La Canasta who we are today.  We will stay committed to be…

“Large Enough to Meet Your Needs , Small Enough To Care”